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Michael “Mhike” L. Aguirre, CPA, MBA, MST

Founding & Managing Partner, UHY M.L.A & Co., CPAs

Michael ‘Mhike’ L. Aguirre, is a seasoned accountant, progressive leader, and an agent of change. Since 2006, he’s been steering UHY M.L. Aguirre & Co., CPAs, a firm proudly bearing multiple accreditations from prestigious bodies like SEC, BIR, BOA, IC, BSP, NEA, & CDA. From multinationals to fintech startups and SMEs, Mhike’s guidance has driven the firm to serve a wide spectrum of clients.

Mhike’s voyage into the intricate sea of accountancy commenced in 1999 with a leading international accounting network. This voyage ferried him to Grant Thornton Vietnam, where he spearheaded audits on foreign-funded projects and NGOs. With a wealth of experience in his sails, he returned to Manila to continue his practice, only to anchor his own ship – his very own firm.

Living by Simon Sinek’s profound philosophy, “In the game of life, the goal is not to win, it’s to perpetuate the game,” Mhike did not just aim to lead; he aimed to transform. From a solitary practitioner, his firm evolved into a formidable partnership with international affiliations. But he did not stop there. Mhike understood that the true essence of leadership was not just to change but to adapt and innovate. So, he sailed into the digital seas, pioneering innovations aimed at making doing business easy, accessible, and cost-effective. These changes were designed to provide equal opportunities for accountants in every corner of the country and to foster the decentralization of investments across the nation. His vision wasn’t simply to succeed; it was to create an environment of success for everyone around him.

During his tenure as a faculty member at the University of Makati from 2009 to 2010, he left an indelible mark on the academic world. In 2015, PICPA recognized his dedication to the accounting profession and appointed him as a member of the Quality Assurance Review Committee (QAR).

Mhike’s pursuit of knowledge, as relentless as the tides, earned him an MBA from Ateneo Graduate School and a Masters of Science in Taxation from Golden Gate University. This knowledge fuels his active participation in seminars and trainings on emerging topics such as digital taxation and cryptocurrency taxation. His contributions to the literary world include the taxation books: NIRC + TRAIN (2019), and NIRC + TRAIN + CREATE (2022).

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