Assurance and Business
The Assurance and Business Advisory offered are designed to strengthen your operations and its main objective is to review the finances of the company to make sure everything is in order.
Tax and Tax Incentives
Advice is given to clients on all aspects of tax strategy including the preparation of tax returns for individuals and companies, covering salaries tax, profits tax and other business tax and property tax.
Corporate Advisory
Our bookkeeping service is designed to help both small businesses and individuals. It is specifically tailored to small businesses, aimed to make life easy.
Our dynamic team enjoys the edge of gained skills in the "convenience" or digital economy and those roads of practice least taken.


We are a growing and dynamic cost, tax, system and business advisory firm that is built on a foundation of talent, independence and opportunity. "On the road to growth, we're with you every step of the way."


UHY M.L. AGUIRRE & CO., CPAs VALUES YOUR TIME. Our commitment is to provide timely, valuable and relevant business advice with the objective of a rapid turnover in presenting our findings and recommendations, alongside decisive solutions in the earliest possible time.

UHY M.L. AGUIRRE & CO., CPAs GIVES UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO YOUR CONCERNS. We also lay down constructive and well-defined recommendations to address the causes of our clients� problems. We ensure that the recurrence of the same issues will not be encountered.

UHY M.L. AGUIRRE & CO.,CPAs GIVES YOU VALUE FOR MONEY. While our services are topnotch, our rates are competitive. Our clients get more services than what they pay for.

Midyear Motivational 2022

To All Employees, Babylon2k Specialists, and Esteemed Guests: On August 12, 2022, our Firm and all its affiliates will have its Midyear Motivational Event 2022. This once-a-year activity promotes self-wellness and motivational understanding that most of us need at these challenging times. The admin has invited 3 keynote speakers who will give us the 3i’s [Read More...]

Bracing for the Vatability of ...

This webinar will discuss the following topics: Social Media Influencers and Digital Earners Taxation Tax Residency Certificate VATability on Registered Business Enterprises (RBE) Purchases International Reporting Standard 16 (Leases) Digitalization, Registered Business Enterprises & Lease Deductibility: What do these 3 have in common? All of these may have substantial financial and taxation impacts that affected [Read More...]

Estate Planning by Michael Aguirre

HIGHLIGHTS Background Legal Basis (Laws and Regulations) Composition, Valuation and Deductions Objectives of Estate and Successions Planning Tools for Estate and Succession Planning Others Death and Taxes are the two most inevitable things in the civilized world In this course, we will try to understand the nuances regarding estate taxes which significantly reduce the total [Read More...]

Partner With Us

We guarantee that our services conform to high standards of quality, integrity and professionalism.

UHY M.L.AGUIRRE & CO., CPAs values your time.

UHY M.L.AGUIRRE & CO., CPAs gives utmost importance to your concerns.

UHY M.L.AGUIRRE & CO., CPAs gives you value for money.